ProCredit Academies

ProCredit Academy, Fürth, Germany

The ProCredit Academy in Germany offers a three-year part-time professional development programme for middle and senior management staff. The courses at this facility provide not only advanced training in technical aspects of banking processes and procedures and essential communication skills, but are also designed to deepen participants' understanding of the social dimensions of history and economics, with an emphasis on the implications for our values and principles. Since participants include staff from ProCredit institutions worldwide, students have a unique opportunity to learn and develop, both as banking professionals and as individuals, in groups of participants from very diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Central ProCredit Academy in Fürth-Weschnitz, Germany

ProCredit Regional Academies: Veles (Macedonia) and Fusa (Colombia)

The ProCredit Regional Academies in Macedonia and in Colombia offer a twelve-week programme for junior and middle management staff. Staff from the group's banks in Eastern Europe and Africa attend courses in Macedonia, while their Latin American counterparts undergo training in Colombia. The courses are designed to enhance participants' technical knowledge in various areas of banking while strengthening their managerial and communication skills and engaging them in an intensive dialogue on values and business ethics. The curriculum covers topics drawn from many different fields, including management, with a focus on people and processes, as well as banking and finance and the humanities.

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Regional ProCredit Academy - Veles, Macedonia