A new digital service for all Android users!


Digital payments with Google PayTM from any Android smartphone. Every ProCredit Bank card is on your mobile, at no extra cost.

ProCredit Bank has signed an agreement with Google, being the first partner bank to implement Google Pay payments from Google WalletTM , starting from June 6, 2023.

All ProCredit Bank customers who have a debit/credit Mastercard and an Android smartphone will be able to benefit from this new service.

To set up this service is relatively easy, by first downloading Google Wallet app from Google Play and following the relevant instructions. Google Wallet app may be heard for many of you, as a digital wallet on Android smartphones, where cards and other necessary items can be kept safely.

Google Pay brings many advantages, in terms of speed of payments and convenience, to all customers who have a ProCredit Bank card.

By adding the ProCredit Bank card to the Digital Wallet (Google Wallet) you will be able to pay in stores, just by holding Android smartphone near the POS devices. So, forgetting cards at home is no longer a problem, as it is enough to have your smartphone.

During the online shopping process on websites or apps, you will be able to enjoy a new, innovative payment experience through Google Pay button as well as increased security using your saved details.

This helpful button lets you enjoy a simplified checkout experience and added security using your saved details.

Moreover, you have maximum security through payments with Google Pay. With built-in authentication, transaction encryption and fraud protection, Google Pay helps keep your money and personal information safe.