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Bill payments and salary transfers

There is a wide range of payments you can make through e-banking and your business account:

Bill payment via e-banking

  • payments to budget accounts, taxes, social and health insurance, VAT, Customs Directorate General, collateral assessment
  • payments to energy operator (FSHU), water, mobile companies, phones, etc.

Automatic utility payments such as power, water, mobile phone and landline invoices, whereby you authorise the bank to make the payment for you on a fixed date up to a maximum amount specified by you.

This service goes into effect after you fill out an application at any ProCredit Bank branch.

Standing orders or periodic payments consist of transfers executed on a date and at an amount set by you, without you having to be present at the bank. These could include monthly fixed expenses such as:

  • Leases
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Transfers of savings from your current account to your FlexSave account

Standing orders offer several advantages:

  • Payments are made on the date and in the amount specified by you – without you having to visit the bank.
  • If the business account balance is not sufficient to carry out these payments, you will be informed of the shortfall by ProCredit Bank immediately.
  • Make transfers from your account to clients of other domestic banks (ALL).
  • Make transfers from your account to other clients of the bank (in ALL).
  • Make transfers between your accounts in the same currency or in different currencies.
  • No commission.

Mass payments

In addition to making salary transfers within the bank, you can now also make a batch of transfers to other banks in the following cases:

  • The salaries of employees who hold accounts at other banks in the country.
  • Group payment of invoices to your suppliers with accounts at other banks.

Salary transfers

You can take advantage of our payroll service by signing a simple agreement between our bank and your business. This will enable you to transfer your employees’ monthly salaries from your business account to their individual accounts according to the terms of your issued order.

The service is fast, automated and ensures prompt salary payments to your employees.


  • The service delivers the specified funds to your employees’ accounts within 5 minutes.
  • Salary transfer costs are covered by our bank; your employees do not have to make any additional transactions to receive their salaries.
  • ProCredit Bank offers financial services to your employees at favourable conditions (as their monthly incomes can be easily verified by salary transfer to our bank)
  • an overdraft equivalent to up to three monthly salaries
  • home improvement loans
  • debit cards
  • savings accounts for them and their children
  • monthly bill payments, e.g. water, energy, phone, etc.
  • 5 free withdrawals per month using a Mastercard debit card issued by ProCredit Bank at other banks’ ATMs

To learn about the terms for individuals, please see our "Price list"