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Information on Online Safety

For ProCredit Bank, controlling and avoiding cyber attacks is one of the main priorities. By investing in the latest technology and conducting regular technical checks, we ensure the protection and security of our customers' online banking information. In addition, we provide our customers with detailed information and advice on how to stay safe when banking online to prevent them from falling victim to fraud.

How does ProCredit bank protect you?

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the highest possible level of customer security in order to protect customer data.


Applying the latest technologies to detect and prevent cyber intrusions, e.g.: 

  • Implementation of controls that prevent unauthorized access by individuals or networks (firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, encryption of stored data, etc.). 
  • Securing the connection between the customer's device(s) and our applications using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption e.g. the customer registers, by filling out an application or registering in online services.

e-Banking and m-Banking

  • Payment authorization is protected by Multi-Factor Authentication for every transaction you make.
  • The customer's online banking session is automatically locked after 15 minutes of inactivity to avoid unauthorized use of the customer's account by others. 
  • Secure access to the mobile version of e-Banking with biometric data (facial features or fingerprints) or password.
  • Monitoring activities for potential fraud.
  • Development of mobile applications with the latest security technologies.

Debit and Credit Cards 

  • Management of card limit and card status by the customer himself through our digital channels.
  • Automatically enroll cards with the latest security standards, such as 3-D Security (a security protocol that helps prevent fraud with online credit or debit card transactions).
  • Sending a SMS message for every online transaction that the customer performs with the card.
  • Monitoring activities for potential fraud.
  • Update your bank contact details so we can contact you.
  • Report immediately to the bank if your card/phone is stolen or lost.