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ProPay transfers

ProPay is another service that enables you to make international transfers to any ProCredit bank in Europe, i.e. in the following countries: Albania, Germany, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova  and Ukraine.


Speedy transfers through ProPay

If the sender and beneficiary are clients of the ProCredit network of banks mentioned above,  they enjoy favourable conditions for making and receiving money transfers – and even faster  service.

When can you use ProPay transfers?

  • If you wish to transfer money and the beneficiary has an account at one of the banks in the ProCredit network, you are eligible to make ProPay transfers, with much lower commissions than is usual for standard international transfers.
  • If you are expecting transfers from any of these countries and the sender has an account at one of the ProCredit banks, ProPay enables you to receive funds in your account with no commission fees.

Advantages of ProPay transfers

• Speed: transfers made on the same working day

• EUR 2.50 commission fee per transfer, regardless of the amount you transfer

• The beneficiary of the funds pays 0 commission fee