Domestic Money Transfers

Commercial financing
  • Current accounts
  • Other services
  • Loans
  • Offers

Domestic transfers include all transfers conducted among banks operating in Albania.

Domestic transfer advantages

  • Fast and safe
  • No commission for up to 5 non-urgent transfers per month and up to ALL1,499,999 each
  • Transfers are processed on the same day if executed before 13:30

The following information is needed in order to make a domestic outbound transfer (money transfer to another bank in the country):

  • Name of the beneficiary
  • IBAN of the beneficiary
  • Bank name of the beneficiary
  • SWIFT code of the beneficiary’s bank
  • Beneficiary address

The following information needs to be provided to the money sender in order for you to receive inbound domestic transfers (transfers ordered by other banks in the country):

  • Name of your company/business
  • IBAN of your business bank account
  • Bank name: ProCredit Bank Albania
  • SWIFT code of ProCredit Bank: FEFAALTR
  • Your contact details

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To learn more about the terms and conditions for domestic money transfers, please see our ''Price list''