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In order to better respond to the short-term needs of your business, our specialised consultants offer you appropriate advice along with assessing the financial benefits and real financing costs.

To help you meet the short-term needs of your business, ProCredit Bank offers:
Provide liquidity in case of  late payments from your debtors.
Can be used to cover immediate and unforeseen expenses.
Available for a one-year period, with renewal right and fixed interest over the period. Interest is charged only on the amount used and calculated on a daily basis.
This funding is provided in amounts up to 100% of the account’s monthly turnover (historical or future with the bank).

Offered in the form of short-term financing for certain categories of businesses, in order to meet current needs for working capital.
This financing service offers flexibility for seasonal businesses and allows expenses to be settled promptly according to your business needs.
The maximum amount of funding is provided based on an analysis of existing liquid assets, working capital, cash flow statement and short-term liabilities with suppliers. Interest is calculated daily on the amount used.
Partial withdrawal of funds is permissible, in accordance with business needs for liquidity or seasonal payments;  in addition, principal payments can be made at any time within the period of use. The credit line should be paid back only with business proceeds.

To learn more about the terms and conditions for short-term financing, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".

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