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Internal Money Transfers
You can make the following types of internal money transfers from your salary account:
Transfers to other accounts (Utility Payments, etc.)
Transfers between your own accounts (from salary account to savings, exchanges, etc.)

You can pay your monthly bills (Utility Payments: electricity, water, landline, mobile, etc.) from your salary account in one of the following ways:

1. Via Direct Debit – the easiest and most comfortable way to make payments!
Once you fill an application in one of our branches, payments are carried out automatically from your salary account on the date chosen by you. Note: If your account balance is insufficient to perform these payments, you will receive a notification by the bank.
2. Via e-banking
You can choose a specific date on which to pay your monthly bills, using e-banking full access service:
Visit our e-banking site:
Once you have logged into your account, choose to perform a utility payment.

If you need to perform periodic payments for a set amount on a specific date (e.g. lease payments), you can set up a standing order and the payment will be carried out automatically.

What are the advantages of setting up a standing order?
Payments are carried out on a date specified by you without you having to come to the bank
No service fees for standing orders
Available between accounts in the same currency or in different currencies
A fast and secure service

To learn more about the terms and conditions for Internal Money Transfers, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".


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