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The ProCredit Bank Adviser


Financial education is a vital component of ProCredit Bank's mission and vision. In Albania, ProCredit Bank has been implementing this responsible approach for more than 19 years now. Within this framework, the bank has continuously published informational brochures and advised its clients, which not only helps every customer to make better financial decisions in his or her household, but also makes a positive impact on the Albanian economy as a whole. For example, the booklet entitled "How to address a bank" contains useful information on the various services offered by the banks in the Albanian market.

More recently, ProCredit Bank launched an educational campaign called the "ProCredit Financial Adviser", featuring a series of television spots that provide financial advice to individuals and businesses. The series aims to inform the public about various topics related to the banking system, in terms of both the approaches that the banks take (as shown in the "Responsible Banking" and "Transparency" spots) and the financial services that they offer (such as loans, deposits, current accounts, debit cards, etc.).

ProCredit Bank adheres to a number of principles when serving its clients, such as transparency in communication, and does not promote consumer loans. Because a financial analysis and financial risk assessment is conducted for every client, ProCredit Bank can provide services tailored to specific needs. This responsible approach allows us to build long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual trust.

We recommend that you read more about various aspects of banking in the following brochure: "Improve your financial decisions"

To obtain more information, visit any ProCredit Bank branch.