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1. What is the application deadline?

The "ProCredit Entry Programme" begins with a new group of participants four times a year (every three months). There are no specific application deadlines; every application is considered for the next scheduled programme. This means that you can apply whenever you are available to start the programme.

2. What degree do I need to have to be considered for the programme?

In order to take part in the "ProCredit Entry Programme", you need to have completed your studies or to be close to your graduation. It does not matter where or what you studied: We are looking for candidates with a combination of social and analytical skills, as well as development potential.

3. I have work experience, but it is not formal; should I mention it in my CV?

Yes, please do, because all work experience is significant.

4. I have a job at the moment, but I am ready and willing to leave it in order to pursue a career in banking. Is the "ProCredit Entry Programme", right for me?

The "ProCredit Entry Programme" is a unique opportunity that offers participants meaningful training and the chance to develop personally and professionally in a responsible banking environment. Candidates who already have professional experience are more than welcome to apply for the programme as long as they identify with the ProCredit way of banking and have an authentic desire and willingness to pursue a career with us.

5. Why does the bank invest so much in an intensive programme with inexperienced candidates? How does the bank benefit from this process?

We are looking to build long-term relationships with the candidates, and we believe that the only way to achieve this is by offering extensive development and training opportunities. In addition, we allow ample time for both parties - the candidate and the bank - to get to know each other better and become familiar with each other's values and principles, which makes it easier to enter into a long-term relationship. In the end, our mission is to be a development-oriented full-service bank for small and medium enterprises, and thereby contribute to the growth of the Albanian economy. In order to provide excellent customer care, we place great emphasis on the professional and personal development of our employees, who receive extensive training. This is part of our responsible approach to banking and also a practical way to accomplish our mission.

6. Do I get paid for participating in the programme?

Participants receive a monthly stipend during the "ProCredit Entry Programme". The amount is based on your previous professional experience.

7. Is full attendance is required?
During the six months of the programme candidates are expected to be present eight hours per day, five days per week, just like a normal business week.

8. Why is flexibility so important to ProCredit?

For us it is indeed important that candidates are flexible both in terms of position and place of work. Upon successful completion of the ProCredit Entry Programme, we expect participants to be willing to receive training and to work in different cities throughout Albania, as we believe that this is not only an effective way to acquire new knowledge and skills, but also a chance to exchange experiences and best practices with colleagues at other branches. This means that ProCredit Entry Programme candidates need to be ready to travel, work and live somewhere other than their current town.
We therefore expect applicants who are given the chance to take part in the programme to be fully flexible.

9. I'm having problems writing a motivation letter, as I have never done this before. What should I write?

In the motivation letter, you should clearly explain the reasons for your decision to apply for the programme when answering the question: "Why am I applying for the "ProCredit Entry Programme?" Your letter should also include information about your background, the things about you that make you a promising applicant, how you relate to our values and goals, and what sort of vision you have for your own career. Therefore, we recommend that you read about our bank before preparing your CV and motivation letter. Information about us and the ProCredit group can be found on ProCredit Holding's website:

10. You have already phoned me once, but I wasn't able to talk at that time. Will you call me again?

Every candidate is given the chance to agree on a specific time for the telephone conversation. Our team will make sure that all suitable candidates are given an opportunity to participate in this step of the selection process.

11. The sample maths-logic tests on your website are easy - is that what I'm going to see on test day?

The test will be similar to the ones on our website, but a different test is given every month. You can expect logic problems, fractions, decimals, etc. - which you have to be able to solve without the help of a calculator, since calculators are not allowed. You must obtain 39 out of 60 points to successfully pass the maths-logic test.

12. I failed the test once; do I get a second chance to be accepted into the programme?

You can apply for the programme one more time; after six months, however, you will have the advantage of knowing what to expect, so you should take the time to prepare well.

13. What is expected of candidates during the focus session and the programme?

Group discussions, essay writing and research take place throughout the programme. Therefore, we recommend a high level of participation, team work and "thinking outside the box" - not just at the focus session, but during the entire programme.

14. Do you offer those who complete the "ProCredit Entry Programme", permanent positions?

Successful completion of the "ProCredit Entry Programme" is the only way to be considered for a permanent position at ProCredit Bank. There is, however, no legal obligation for either the bank or the candidate to enter into an employment relationship.