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We take all applications very seriously and, in line with this, we want to explain the principles of our recruitment policy and provide some recommendations for a successful application.

It is very important for us to know your motivation for joining our team: we are seeking candidates who understand and embrace our mission and values. Therefore, we recommend that you inform yourself about our bank before preparing your CV and motivation letter. Relevant information about us and the ProCredit group can be found on ProCredit Holding's website:

Our selection process has 7 steps:




As a first step in your application for the ProCredit Entry Programme, you have to fill in an online CV application form and submit a motivation letter directly via our website. No other form of application is accepted. These steps are very important, because they show how seriously  you take the application. The motivation letter gives us the first impression of your personality, of who you are, supplementing the information contained in the curriculum vitae.



The aim of this step is to give you the opportunity to personally introduce yourself and provide details about your experience, education, reasons for applying, etc. The conversation will last for 20-30 minutes and should be conducted in a relaxed environment, so if we call you at an inconvenient time, please tell us that you are unable to talk and we will reschedule the call.


As mathematics and logic play important roles in our daily activities, we ask applicants to take a basic mathematics and logic test at the bank's Head Office in Tirana. We provide applicants with sample questions in order to refresh their knowledge and help them to prepare for the test. Applicants who travel to Tirana from other parts of the country will be reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Applicants can also attend one of our preparatory courses; these are conducted at our Training Centre in Tirana one week before the assessment day.

Click here to see the Maths Tests - Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Solution Key - Test 1


This stage allows us to evaluate various qualities, such as your ability to work in a team, your communication skills and your ability to express opinions and present arguments.

Two discussions of approximately 45 minutes each will be conducted with groups of around six participants. One discussion will be based on an economics-related topic and the other will be on a social topic. You do not need to have specific knowledge about these topics, but we expect you to actively participate during these discussions, as this is the only way we can evaluate you. We therefore advise you to make the most of this opportunity.



If you perform well in the group discussion you will be invited to an individual interview. The interview is a good opportunity for you to have an open, face-to-face discussion with our team, where we can further discuss your interests and objectives. A successful interview will qualify you for the last step of the selection process: the two-week focus session.



The final step is a two-week workshop with a group of selected applicants. During this "focus session" all shortlisted applicants gather together in a quiet location away from the capital city. The objective of this intensive step is for the applicants to get to know ProCredit as an institution better, as well as for ProCredit to get to know the applicants better.

This step of the process familiarises participants with the features that define ProCredit as an institution and presents our view of responsible banking and ethical principles as reflected in our business model. Discussions and debates about philosophical issues allow potential ProCredit Entry Programme candidates to gain a broad understanding of various ways of thinking about morality and ethical dilemmas. This retreat aims to help applicants become more conscious of and think more critically about the moral decisions we all face in our everyday personal and professional lives. Every participant has an opportunity to engage in the discussions, to disagree, to draw independent conclusions and to question their own way of thinking. This two-week introductory course is a chance for the individual applicants to assess the value of participating in the ProCredit Entry Programme and for ProCredit to assess which applicants are best suited for the programme.

Upon successful completion of the two-week focus session, candidates are invited to participate in the ProCredit Entry Programme.