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Payroll service

Take advantage of our payroll service by signing a simple agreement between ProCredit Bank and your business. The central feature of this service is that you can arrange to have your employees’ monthly salaries transferred directly from your business account to their current accounts.

This service is fast, automated and responds to the needs of your employees in a prompt manner.

Why use this service?

Transfer your employees’ salaries to their current accounts using a fast, high-quality service

All transfer costs are covered by our bank - no additional actions needed

ProCredit Bank offers your employees financial services at favourable conditions (as their monthly income can be easily verified): an overdraft equivalent to up to three monthly salaries; home investment financial services; credit and debit cards; savings accounts for children; payment of utility bills (water, electricity, phone, etc.)

Employees have access to their funds at all times using a debit card, which is issued when a current account is opened

Our dedicated Business Client Advisers are available to answer any questions you may have about this service.

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