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Our human resources policy is based upon our philosophy of open and transparent communication among staff; this focus is shared by all of the ProCredit banks around the world.

We pay special attention to the transparency of our recruitment and selection process, as well as to the continuous professional development of our staff, as we believe that the competence and commitment of our employees is crucial in providing our customers with high-quality service in a responsible manner.

ProCredit Bank places great emphasis on creating fair and respectful relationships with employees and on establishing an inspiring working environment with open communication that is aimed at the long term.

We are looking for staff who are not only interested in a particular position but also in understanding our long-term objectives. In addition, applicants should have a desire for continuous development within the institution and should demonstrate commitment to our ethical and moral approach to banking.

What do we offer?

What do we expect?

A long-term perspective based on the stability as a solid international group.

A strong commitment toward our ethical values and objectives as an institution.

Continuous investment in staff development from maths and English courses to international managerial training and on-the-job training helps staff to improve their day-to-day performance.

A willingness to learn and develop, to adopt a responsible and self-critical attitude, and the ability to make decisions based on high professional standards and analytical thinking.

We don't offer bonuses. Instead, we offer fair and stable salaries and employment with social benefits. We offer the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally in a challenging and open environment.

A willingness to travel within the country, visit clients at their place of businesses and work at our branches in cities throughout Albania.
The ability to initiate and develop new proposals, strong problem-solving orientation and thinking and working beyond what is required.

A transparent and stimulating working environment where our employees' opinions are valued.

Solid ethical values such as respect and fairness and the rejection of all forms of discrimination, as well as a capacity to work in teams.

The ProCredit Entry Programmee is the point of entry into ProCredit Bank.