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01 October 2014

ProCredit Bank – A bank for your business in the region!

To provide continuous support to very small and small businesses by offering business opportunities and expanding the network of co-operation both in the country and in the region, ProCredit Bank Albania and ProCredit Bank Macedonia organised a mutual business event: "New business opportunities. ProCredit Bank, a bank for your business in the region". This event follows an event organised in May, in Tirana, between Albanian and Macedonian businesses as well.

The event took part in the city of Struga, and more than 50 Albanian and Macedonian businesses, operating mostly in the food industry, were brought together with their potential partners from the neighbouring country. The aim of the meeting was to maximise ProCredit Bank's network, thus giving the opportunity to our clients to set the foundation for future co-operation. In addition, the meeting aimed to harness the high potential for economic development between the two countries, as trade between Albania and Macedonia currently accounts for only 1% of foreign trade in these countries.

As an international bank offering banking services and specialised financial solutions for its clients and promoting sustainable development, ProCredit Bank presented the support and facilities it offers to its clients through the international network of the ProCredit banks, through the ProPay money transfer service.

The participants showed a high level of interest in deepening co-operation with companies operating in the same economic sector by using the mutual opportunities offered for businesses. Clients were also interested in visiting the business premises so as to be able to carefully evaluate the capacity and quality of the offered services.

ProCredit Bank is part of the international ProCredit group with a presence in most of the countries in the region, which offers great potential for economic development and expansion of the co-operation network between very small and small businesses.


In addition, long-term investments and regional co-operation contribute to sustainable economic development.


ProCredit Bank - A bank for your business in the region!