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10 July 2017

Online services 24/7 – today a reality for ProCredit Bank customers

"ProCredit Bank Albania, part of the German Group ProCredit Holding which is based in Frankfurt am Main, has been operating in Albania since 1995. Since then, the bank has undergone important transformations, and now it is well-positioned in the market as a specialised bank that offers tailor-made services and financial advice for SMEs, along with dedicated services for depositors. Our corporate culture and business model offers us the possibility to react quickly to changes in the market, and it also enables us to take a leading role in terms of efficiency and quality for our customers. We aim to apply high German service standards in the countries in which we operate, and have set up the necessary infrastructure for online services so that we can meet the needs of our business and private customers in the best way possible" - stated Adela Leka, Spokesperson of the Management Board.

Offering efficient services

It is a fact that the use of the Internet and technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Indeed, it has changed many things very quickly, from the way we communicate with each other to the way we do business.

If we talk about the financial industry and about banks in particular, there is a transformative and inevitable impact whereby banks have the opportunity to look from the perspective of and benefit from the advantages of technology by investing in high quality services for their clients. Furthermore, the digitalisation of our day-to-day operations boosts efficiency and thereby directly contributes to acquiring competitive advantages in the market. Taking into consideration the advantages that these services offer, such as time savings, 24/7 availability, and favourable fees, we can rightfully claim that the use of electronic banking has become a “daily need” for businesses.

Specialised bank for sustainable development of SMEs

Personalised financial advice provided by our Business Advisers is the foundation of building long-term relationships with our customers. They regularly visit their clients in order to analyse their financial situation and the relevant risks in order to provide professional financial advice. At the same time, this enables us to expand co-operation with innovative and sustainable businesses. ProCredit Bank makes great efforts to ensure that its activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly by introducing protective measures and preventing pollution; we also strive to minimise the indirect impact on the environment by advising our clients on how to improve their environmental performance. In line with our goal of being “The First Business Choice”, we not only support our clients’ investment plans, but also provide other banking services that facilitate their day-to-day operations. We also offer another opportunity for businesses that work with us: the modern payment and support service provided by ProCredit Bank Germany, which functions as a correspondent bank for international transfers. For outgoing transfers you benefit from flat fees, Euro 15 - for every outgoing transfer in Euro via e-banking ("share", "beneficiary") and no fee for incoming ones.

The bank that brings innovation to the market

Special attention to electronic services has always been one of the priorities of ProCredit Bank. We continue to be a pioneer with respect to technological innovations in the Albanian banking market. More concretely: In 2003 we introduced debit cards for ATM operations, and in 2009 we rolled out our electronic internet banking platform, which is continuously enriched with new services, making it one of the best e-banking platforms that the market offers today. To further promote this innovative approach and offer high-quality services, we introduced the concept of self-service areas in 2015, 24/7 Zones. Now we offer our customers a modern branch and outlet network, as well as a modern payment service through the e-Banking platform. All ProCredit outlets are equipped with 24/7 Zones. We have managed to automate over 98% of transactions, which are now channelled through 24/7 Zone devices, which provide services to our customers whenever it is most convenient for them. In addition, our customers now have the opportunity to carry out secure, efficient and convenient banking transactions directly from their mobile phone or tablet via Mobile Banking. Electronic services are an important instrument for managing transactions for our customers, so investing in advanced online services will continue to be one of the key components of our business model and a top priority.

A reliable bank for your savings

Our deposit-taking operations focus on our target group of business clients and savers, with whom we establish strong relationships. There is a lot of potential in the market, if you analyse the situation of liquidity that is hold by Albanian citizens. On the other hand our customer deposits in sight deposit accounts, savings accounts and term deposits are the most important source of funding for our loan portfolio. We strive to be a reliable partner for depositors supporting them securely plan their own future investments. ProCredit Bank Albania is owned 100% by ProCredit Holding, which has a reputable, development-oriented shareholder base which includes German and international institutions. At a consolidated level the ProCredit group is supervised by the German financial supervisory authorities (BaFin and Bundesbank) which ensure that the ProCredit group operates in accordance with international best banking practices and with German regulatory standards. Furthermore, every year we are rated by Fitch Ratings, and this year we have been upgraded to B+, which ensures further for the bank stability. We strongly believe that all what was mentioned above are factors that make our bank a reliable partner that our client can save with.

Advanced services, but simple for the clients

ProCredit Bank aims not only to be the “first choice” of SMEs, but also to promote saving among our private clients as the best way to build their family assets. As we are widely implementing online services, one of the biggest challenges is avoiding complex solutions. Implementing simple services that can be understood and used often requires great efforts and investment from the bank. We as a group are dedicated to providing our customers with modern banking services, but we also meet important criteria such as transparency, simplicity and meeting our customers’ needs around the clock.