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07 December 2016

ProCredit Bank inaugurates the Regional Training Centre in Prevallë, Prizren

7 December 2016 - ProCredit Bank has inaugurated the regional training centre in Prevallë, Prizren. This centre will provide advanced training for ProCredit staff, dedicated to deepening and updating the specialised knowledge of ProCredit Bank employees in their job activities and enhancing their analytical and interpersonal skills.
This centre, an investment of EUR 3.2 million, will be available for staff of the ProCredit banks operating in the region, e.g. in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. There will be various trainings, including the ProCredit Entry Programme and other specialised training needed by the staff of these banks.
Adela Leka, Spokesperson of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Albania, said: "The experience of more than two decades in the market has shown that we are not just a traditional commercial bank, but a responsible financial institution focused on offering high-quality service to SMEs, because there are the businesses that have the capacity to provide economic sustainability and generate employment. In our operations, we focus on businesses that have a long-term vision, aim to develop sustainably and share the same ethical values with us. To identify and serve this category of customers, it is necessary to carefully select our staff and ensure they possess excellent professional skills. We are confident that this centre will help us meet that goal."
The Regional Training Centre is the first facility in Kosovo built to such high ecological standards, with investments made in: photovoltaic panels, solar water heaters, thermal insulation, and a water treatment plant.
"The success and sustainability that we have in our business operations are a direct result of our commitment to the business goals we have set in line with the mission and vision of the bank. However, no objective can be achieved without a team of motivated, dedicated and well-trained staff. For this reason, investment in training and continuous development of our employees is of special importance", said Ilir Aliu, General Manager of ProCredit Bank Kosovo.
Borislav Kostadinov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ProCredit Bank Kosovo, underlined that: "The new regional centre in Kosovo is a perfect example of support: we offer a stimulating environment for our staff in which they can further develop their skills and learn more from each other".
The opening ceremony was attended by the highest representatives of ProCredit banks in the region and ProCredit Holding as well as the Minister of Finance of Kosovo, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and representatives of the Central Bank of Kosovo.
The centre has a surface area of 3,300m
2, four classrooms equipped with training tools, 33 bedrooms that provide optimal capacity, a restaurant and opportunities for sports activities.