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Investment Loans can help you to grow your business or buy modern agricultural equipment and machinery, purchase the materials necessary to improve your products, build cold storage or storage facilities, increase the area under cultivation or acquire livestock.
Investment Loans can benefit customers who are active in the following areas:
Agricultural and livestock production and services
Processing/collection and trade of agricultural and livestock products
Farming, dairy, orchards, vineyards, poultry, agricultural machinery

Loan purpose

Equipment purchase, construction, land purchase

Loan amount

Financing amount depends on investment plan and customer’s ability to repay a loan
Loan term Up to 10 years
Currency The loan is offered in the currencies: ALL / EUR / USD
One year of agricultural experience

Means of loan repayment:
Regular monthly instalments - for cases in which business income is regular and monthly. We also offer flexibility with irregular monthly instalments depending on the seasonality of the business.
“Bullet” repayments (single payment) - for seasonal businesses that receive income at a specified time. In this case the client pays only the interest each month and then repays the principal in full at maturity.
Grace periods - for businesses which do not generate revenue at the early stages of investment. To create a facility for a set period of time, the instalment for the grace period is set equivalent to the interest payment and then regular instalments are due.

Required documents:
Valid identification document (client and co-borrowers)
Certificate from local authorities that the customer is legally registered as an agricultural producer (e.g. with respect to registration, land tax)
Farmer’s Code, Activity Licence

To learn more about the terms and conditions for investment loans, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".

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