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How to choose a bank

Choosing a bank is important because it is a relationship based on mutual trust with a financial partner that manages your income.

For most families, a salary is the main source of income. Therefore clients should carefully consider which type of institution should manage their money. Therefore, choosing a bank requires trust and confidence in the institution.

This approach extends to salary payments, as well as to other financial services offered by the bank. It is necessary for clients to understand how banks use their money and what investments they make using these funds. It must thus be remembered that although some investments might result in higher profits, they can also involve significant risks.

Improvements in banking services and customer service reflect the development of the Albanian economy. While the Albanian banking system offers “universal” financial services – such as current accounts, savings accounts and overdrafts – the individual banks differ from one another in terms of the approaches they take towards providing these services.

The bank you choose is your financial partner. In order to achieve a stable relationship, you should be aware of how your money will be invested, the quality of these investments, the clients the bank serves and the quality of its service.

As your deposits are the main source of funds for the bank, it is important that the bank uses them responsibly. This means that it should not concentrate its business in a very few big clients who may bring high profits, but also carry a very high risk. At ProCredit Bank, we operate with a large number of small and medium businesses. In this way, we reduce the risk by spreading it across a large number of borrowers in different sectors, thus ensuring that the growth of our business is sustainable.

This kind of stability is the best investment for the bank and its clients. Your bank should be a safe shelter for your savings. Get informed before choosing your financial partner.

We believe that clients value a long-term relationship with their bank, and appreciate financial education and sound advice. That is why, through our dedicated employees, ProCredit Bank aims to provide a professional service that is based on the: “Know your client” principle.

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