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Home Purchase Loan

One of the most important decisions in the life of every individual is buying a home. ProCredit Bank enables you to invest in the purchase or construction of a home or apartment with a Home Purchase Lloan.

Who can benefit from a Home Purchase Loan?
Home Purchase Loans are available to all clients who are employed, hold a life insurance policy and whose salary is paid into an account at ProCredit Bank or any other bank.

Financing Conditions for Home Purchase Loan
Maximum maturity period:  Up to 20 years
Maximum amount of financing:  Up to 80% of the purchase price of the home
The home purchased or other real estate can be used as collateral.

Required documentation:
Valid identification document
Family Certificate
Proof of income and account statements for your current account for the last six months
Sales contract or building permit
Documentation of the property to be used as collateral
Life insurance coverage for the duration of the loan (property insurance is not applicable)

To learn more about the terms and conditions for Home Purchase Loan, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".



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