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Eco Investment Loans for your Agribusiness

Nowadays, farmers can make investments that reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of their products. These are known as Eco Investments.

What are the benefits of Eco Investments?

Improve the quality of your agriculture products.
Reduce monthly energy costs for your business by replacing existing machinery with efficient new production lines, which consume less energy for the same working hours.
Increase productivity and the competitiveness of your business, which enables you to gain a competitive advantage in the market and attract new clients.
Increase the image of your business as a business that invests in the efficient use of energy and resources.


Example: Investment in a dairy farm


Efficient cooling tanks

Cost of investment

3,000,000 ALL

Annual energy consumption for milk cooling before investment

414, 720 ALL

33,993 kWh

Annual energy consumption for milk cooling after investment

332,000 ALL

27,213 kWh

Annual energy savings

82,720 ALL

6,780 kWh

To learn more about the terms and conditions for Agribusiness Eco Loans, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".

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