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Fixed Asset Loan
We offer long-term financing for businesses operating in the areas of manufacturing, trade and services, based on a comprehensive analysis of their financial situation and investment plan.

Fixed Asset Loans support you to acquire or replace machinery, equipment and transportation vehicles.

Clients who can benefit from Fixed Asset Loans are Licensed Businesses.
Founding amount
A customer’s eligibility for funding depends on the investment plan for fixed assets and the ability to repay the loan. ProCredit Bank offers you the possibility of a receiving a loan in the form of a single tranche or in several tranches over time.
Maximum amount
Terms of up to 10 years are offered.
Loan interest
Long-term loans (over 3 years) are offered with a variable interest rate.
Instalment payment
Instalment payments (principal + interest) are made every month. Instalments can be
Regular (fixed amounts every month)
Irregular (different amounts according to the season)
Guarantee For funding up to EUR 50,000, it is not necessary to present a mortgage.
Currency Funding is offered in ALL/EUR or USD.

Required Documentation:
Valid ID
Legal and financial documents pertaining to the business
Investment plan
Pledge document or mortgage guarantee

To learn more about the terms and conditions for Fixed Asset Loan, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".

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