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Financing your Business
It is important to us that every customer gets the service that best suits his or her needs and conditions in accordance with the investment plan. For this purpose we have created a useful financial service called a credit limit.

Why is Credit Limit needed?
A credit limit is the maximum amount that the bank is willing to lend to your business within a certain period of time. In this case, you use the funds to finance your business. The amount of the credit limit is approved in advance, based on your business income(s) and your ability to pay.

Credit Limits can help you:
Achieve your annual plans by speeding up the approval process for loans, advances, credit lines,
which can be approved within three days.
Provide liquidity in your account when there are payment delays from your debtors. (You have the
opportunity to withdraw the credit limit at any time, in different amounts within 12 months).
Provide financing for your long-term business plans, i.e. to purchase business vehicles, equipment or
even business premises.

Within this amount, you can use various funding services to meet the short- and long-term needs of your business, such as:

Business Loan supported by EU
Investment Loans
Fixed Asset Loans
Working Capital Loans
Eco Loans for Businesses


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