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Make decisions based on good information.

Banking is among the most significant sectors in the Albanian economy. Banks act as a bridge between savers and borrowers, and in this way they make a major contribution to the economic development of the country.

The rapid development of the banking sector in Albania, and increased competition among banks, has resulted in a wide variety of banking services. As a result, customers can use these services to improve their living conditions, especially by accessing loans.

However, such rapid growth also creates challenges. It is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to navigate their way through the variety of financial services on offer and to select those that are suitable for them. Among ordinary people, the level of understanding of financial matters has not kept pace with the development of the financial sector.

At ProCredit Bank, we believe that it is essential for ordinary people to have a basic understanding of banking services. This allows them to make informed decisions when choosing a bank and financial services – especially when it comes to loans.

ProCredit Bank is committed to providing a high-quality banking service as part of our approach to responsible banking.

To make sensible decisions about important issues, you need to have reliable, complete and relevant information.

This is why we want to share information about banking and banking services, as well as the advantages and purposes of both, since these plays an important role in the way your money is used.