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  • A Head Office that produces energy on its own

ProCredit Bank installed photovoltaic panels on its Head Office building. The bank organized an event to launch their use, inviting many of its partners and clients, including Tirana Municipality. The energy produced from the photovoltaic system is estimated to be around 25.500 kWh/year and is expected to reduce CO2 by 15.4 tonnes/year (according to a methodology developed by the American Agency for Environment Protection). This is equivalent with 395 trees planted in urban areas. All the electricity produced by the panels will be used to meet the needs of the Head Office building, which is a ProCredit Bank property.

  • E-cars

It is important for us to be close to our clients. This requires a frequent use of the banks cars. In order to reduce the environmental pollution, the bank has always invested in fuel-efficient hybrid or electric cars. Recently, the bank purchased seven electric cars, which are used by our business client advisers in their daily work activity. Thus, our business advisers use echo hybrid cars in their daily work, demonstrating our environmental approach through our efficient use of natural resources, public awareness, and environmental protection, reducing gas emission. As a result of these measures, the quantity of fuel used during 2018 reduced by 22% in comparison with one year before.

  • More green spots

ProCredit Bank supported Tirana Municipality in revitalizing six green meeting points. These “spots” are located along the Green Park of Artificial Lake of Tirana and can be used by citizens of any age, who visit the park. In this way, ProCredit Bank contributed in increasing green areas and recreational opportunities for the citizens who use the park.

  • Good examples

ProCredit Bank staff organized a cleaning activity in the Park of Farka Lake, in Tirana. The Bank staff has been organizing volunteer cleaning in various territories for years. This park was chosen as one of the largest lakes in Albania and as an increasing tourist area.

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