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Eco Loan for your Home and Business

In 2009 ProCredit Bank was the first bank in Albania to promote and offer Eco Loans.
These loans are offered to all clients (both businesses and private clients) for energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmentally friendly investments.

Eco Loans support:

  • Energy Efficiency (EE) measures such as: home improvements for private clients and business owners (building envelope insulation, new doors and windows, etc.),investments in business premises (insulation, central heating, etc.) and more efficient equipment, production lines and machinery for businesses and agribusinesses.
  • Renewable Energy (RE) investments, such as: small hydropower plants, solar energy, use of biomass, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly (Gr) investments which have a positive effect in terms of environmental protection, such as: organic agriculture, water and soil protection, recycling/ prevention of waste, etc.

ProCredit Bank Albania aims to offer you the best possible service in connection with your green investment, ideal for your home and your business!

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