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ProCredit Bank’s e-banking service allows you to perform transactions and manage your business accounts online. It is simple, secure, and fast and requires no additional software:

To access our e-banking page, click on the e-bankingbutton. You can also access the platform using the e-banking DEMO version to test the functionality of the page and its options/commands. Simply click on the e-banking DEMObutton.


We have launched a new version of e-banking, which includes new functions that will make our banking services even more efficient and easy to use.

View your account activity and balance. Payments to accounts held at ProCredit Bank and payments to accounts held at other banks in Albania.
Check your recent e-banking transactions. You can get tax and customs payments.
Monitor all transactions you have made through ProCredit Bank. Standard international payments and ProPay transactions.
Receive email notifications. Unlimited currency exchange between accounts.
Change your password. You can make payments of loan installments by transferring tranche from the current account.
Check your IBAN. Real time processing for the payment of monthly bills, without commission fees (electricity, water, landline and mobile telephone).

What are the advantages of using e-banking?

A simple and secure way of managing your funds.

No need to visit the bank personally.

Do your banking when you want, wherever you want – from your office, at home, while travelling or on vacation!

Meeting client’s needs is ProCredit Bank’s priority. Therefore, we have produced short videos, which explain how to use e-banking.





To learn more about the terms and conditions for Internal Money Transfers, please visit our "Terms & Conditions".

You can apply for this service by filling out the web application. After the application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our client advisers for the following steps.


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