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Deposit Insurance Schemes - Deposit Insurance Agency

Based on Law no. 53/2014, "On Deposit Insurance", dated 22/05/2014, as amended, the Deposit Insurance Agency insures the deposits of private customers, legal entities (sole enterprenership, commercial companies) who keep their savings in second tier banks, hence in all entities that are licensed by the Bank of Albania to conduct banking operations. Additionally, the Agency insures and compensates based on ownership and recognised possession of deposits held by individuals, i.e. the deposits of Albanian citizens up to the value of ALL 2,500,000.

What is not insured?

With reference to the Law "On Deposit Insurance", amended, the Deposit Insurance Agency does not insure:

a) any part of a deposit in the bank or branch of a foreign bank that exceeds the value of ALL 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) or its equivalent amount in a foreign currency (counter value)
b) deposits of the bank, branch of the bank, branch of a foreign bank or credit savings company in its name or on its behalf
ç) deposits of the director, administrator of the bank and their close relatives, according to the definition provided in the Law on Banks
d) deposits of any person possessing 5% or more of the capital of the member or of the voting shares of this member
dh) deposits resulting from an activity related to money laundering and terrorism financing, which are declared illegal by a final court decision
e) deposits of legal persons, local or foreign, except sole enterprenership, commercial companies
f) deposits of insurance and re-insurance companies, local or foreign
g) deposits of enterprising companies or collective investments, local or foreign
gj) deposits of pension funds or pension insurance, local or foreign
h) securities issued by financial entities and any kind of other liabilities that these subjects are due based on their promissory and commitment agreements
i) deposits of local or central governance of the Republic of Albania or of a foreign country
j) unnamed deposits and/or those whose ownership is not clearly defined
k) deposits placed in the accounts of members of the scheme during or after the occurrence of the insurance event


For more information, visit the official website of the Deposit Insurance Agency at the following address: