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Complaints / Suggestions

What constitutes a “suggestion”?
Suggestions can include ideas and opinions, the application of which could lead to better and more suitable services for you.

What constitutes a “complaint”?
Any negative experience of, or dissatisfaction with, the services that the bank offers, its communication or improper behaviour by its staff.

Where can I send my suggestion/complaint?
We have at your disposal a standard format that you can fill in and submit it to us in the following ways:
Post it in Complaints Box, which is located at every ProCredit Bank branch.
You can contact any member of our staff at your nearest ProCredit Bank branch or at our Head Office.
You can call us on: 04 2 389 389
E-mail us at: ose

How long must I wait for a response?
Our Customer Care team will review your suggestion immediately and reply within fifteen business days.

We try our very best to meet this timeframe; however, if for some reason we cannot provide you with a response, you will be notified through an official letter or by phone. In accordance with our Customer Care framework, we will also provide you with the reason for the delay and let you know when you can expect a response.

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