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Innovfin Programme

As a reliable and stable financial partner for SMEs, ProCredit Bank offers a path towards the sustainable development of your business. Through a combination of sound financial analysis, and a personalised relationship with our customers, we offer responsible financial services tailored to your individual business needs.

ProCredit Bank offers investment and working capital loans to companies under the InnovFin Programme. By providing guarantees, the Programme aims to support the financing of innovations for SMEs.

Terms and Conditions

Amount: according to the investment plan

Currency: ALL/EUR

Interest rate: preferential interest rate

Fees: as per the bank’s Price List

Collateral: 50% less collateral than other loans is required

Under the InnovFin Programme ProCredit Bank offers loans to:

Small and Medium enterprises initiating innovative investments (e.g. the introduction of new or significantly improved products, goods and services; important changes in the production process; innovations in the form of production organisation as well as new marketing methods and concepts).

Enterprises focused on research and development activity.

Enterprises which have been operating on the market for less than 12 years and their workforce or turnover has increased by at least 20% p.a. over a three-year period.

Enterprises which have been operating on the market for less than 7 years and their Research & Innovation costs represent at least 5% of their total operating costs.

The InnovFin Programme provides financing which results in increased competitive advantage and efficiency, reduced costs and improved workplace satisfaction.

The programme is supported by the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments.

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