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The Bank for Business Clients
If you are an Entrepreneur or you have a Business and are looking to expand your activities by investing, you need a secure Financial Partner.
At ProCredit Bank you will find the full range of banking services for SMEs, along with professional personalised services with emphasis on financial counselling.
Our goal is to ensure that you receive proper funding so that your business can grow and develop steadily.
Furthermore, we strive to build long-term business relationships with our customers that are based on mutual trust:

We provide transparent information to our customers and to the general public.

A culture of open communication in the workplace
We strive to be open, fair and constructive in our communication with each other at all times and to deal with conflicts at work in a professional manner, working together to find solutions.

Social responsibility and tolerance
We offer our clients sound, well-founded advice. Before offering loans to our clients, we assess their economic and financial situation, their business potential and their repayment capacity. On this basis we help them to choose appropriate loan options from which they can genuinely benefit and not become overindebted. We are committed to treating all customers and employees with fairness and respect, regardless of their origin, colour, language, gender or religious or political beliefs.

Service orientation
Every client is served in a friendly, competent and courteous manner. Our employees are committed to providing excellent service to all customers, regardless of their background or the size of their business.

High professional standards
Our employees take personal responsibility for the quality of their work and continuously strive to grow as professionals.

A high degree of personal integrity and commitment
Complete honesty is required of all employees in the ProCredit group at all times, and any breaches of this principle are dealt with swiftly and rigorously.

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