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Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a commercial financial service that provides security in trade agreements both at home and abroad. Essentially, the bank agrees to pay the beneficiary a specific sum of money within a certain time at the request of the beneficiary if the client who has applied for the guarantee does not fulfil his or her obligations towards the beneficiary. In this way the bank guarantee protects the interests of the beneficiaries.

What are the advantages of using a bank guarantee?
Increases the chance of achieving a more favourable business agreement and later payment terms for both parties to a business contract (seller and buyer, import companies or large-scale buyers).
Ensures timely payment for goods and services by the purchaser, based on contractual obligations.
Ensures contractual compliance while protecting the interests of buyers and sellers.
Protects your business from unexpected costs or possible delays.
Avoids the need to use prepaid products and services.
Is easy to obtain and affordable.

ProCredit Bank guarantees your business payments, regardless of your current cash flow.

To learn more about the terms and conditions of Bank Guarantee, please visit our Terms and Conditions.
You can apply for this service by filling out our web application. After the application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our business advisers for the following steps.



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