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For agribusinesses and traders of food products

In cooperation with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), ProCredit Bank is offering a new way for you to obtain both working and investment capital for your business.

Develop your business in a sustainable manner by taking advantage of the flexibility in the requirements for collateral we provide within the framework of this cooperation agreement. For investments in fixed assets with a maturity of up to 96 months, only 50% coverage with a mortgage is needed.

Who can benefit from the AGROFIN programme?

• Dairy or meat processers, producers of edible oils and packaged foods
• Traders or producers of equipment, machinery and agricultural vehicles, refrigeration chambers
• Traders of wholesale and retail of food products to supermarkets, including retail sugar, oil
• Livestock breeders and farmers
• Farmers growing vegetables in the open field or greenhouses

Which investment plans can be supported?

Investments in fixed assets, such as investments in efficient refrigeration chambers, new automated production lines, efficient irrigation/ventilation systems, automated milking systems, and solar panels; agricultural vehicle mechanics are eligible for support.
Working capital, such as working capital for traders of efficient agricultural machinery, etc., e.g. refrigerating rooms.

Take advantage of the AGROFIN programme while reducing your costs by making an EKO investment.

What are the benefits to you?

•    Professional support from our Business Advisers, who will be glad to offer expert advice on solutions for your business needs.
•    We offer a range of options to support your investment plans: a regular payment plan or instalment loans according to the seasonality of your business, or a loan in the form of a credit line.
•    A loan maturity of up to eight years for investments; the loan amount depends on your investment plan (the minimum amount that may be applied for is ALL 4 million).
•    We can also refinance loans from other banks if the funds are used for business investment.