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ProCredit Bank is recognised as the number one Partner Bank for Albanian Agribusinesses since 2001, with dedicated services to meet the specific needs of this sector, coupled with appropriate financial advice to ensure proper funding for the client.

What makes ProCredit the best agribusiness partner bank?

ProCredit Bank is the only bank in Albania with 100% German capital, focused in the sustainable development of agribusinesses:
We work closely with our customers on a daily basis and identify their business financial needs.
Our expert business client advisers are responsible for the relationship and co-operation with our clients.
Thanks to the personalised service provided by our advisers, who know our clients’ businesses, needs and potential very well, they are able to offer the best service and the right financial solution.

At ProCredit Bank we have created dedicated services that are simple and convenient for agribusinesses. Our client advisers offer professional advice, straightforward communication and clear information on how to use our banking services.

Who are our agribusiness customers?
All individuals and businesses operating at the farm level and who receive income from livestock and agricultural activities, such as:
Livestock manure, poultry farming, beekeeping
The cultivation of fruit trees, vineyards, olives and walnuts
The sale of agricultural machinery and agricultural inputs
Fishery reserves, fishing

Businesses that perform activities related to the processing of agricultural products
Milk processing and dairy production businesses
Olive processing businesses
Agricultural product manufacturing, including preservation businesses (vegetables, fruits, fish, etc.)

Agricultural traders and multiple agricultural businesses
Businesses active in the collection and preservation of agricultural and livestock products
Refrigeration rooms
Export/trade of agricultural products
Collection and trade of agricultural inputs
Trading of seafood products

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