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24/7 Zone - an INNOVATIVE banking concept

As an innovative financial institution focused on meeting the needs of its clients, ProCredit Bank has implemented a modern banking concept into the Albanian market - the 24/7 Zone.

These unique zones are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enable clients to perform a wide range of banking transactions quickly, both during and outside the bank’s normal business hours. In order to access 24/7 Zones, all you need is a debit or credit card.

The following services are available in the 24/7 Zones:


Drop Box - This service is exclusively for Business Clients and enables them to better manage their funds. The Drop Box is ideal for clients with a high daily cash turnover. It is possible to make deposits at any time, according to the agreement with the bank, so there is no need to postpone important meetings or rush to the bank during business hours to make deposits.


ATM - You can manage your funds using the ATMs located in the 24/7 Zones. In addition to withdrawals in ALL and EUR, it is also possible to deposit funds into your business and private accounts. You can deposit up to ALL 1.000.000 a day. Also you can withdraw up to ALL 300,000/ EUR 2,000 per day to your business account and up to ALL 200,000/ Eur 1,500 per day to your personal one. Funds are credited immediately, the same as the deposit has been made at the counter, while you save time by not having to wait any more.


E-banking Terminal -Access your account via e-Banking at this terminal in order to make transfers within the bank, carry out domestic and international transfers, as well as pay bills.Furthermore, at this terminal you can directly access ProCredit Bank’s official website and watch the instructional videos we have prepared for you explaining how to carry out all transactions at the 24/7 Zones.

Please click on the links below to watch the videos:


Do you have questions or need assistance?

The services we offer in our 24/7 Zones are simple and can be performed independently. However, if you have questions or need technical assistance, our specialists in our Contact Centre are available to assist you.

What are the benefits of the 24/7 Zones?

• Save time by not having to wait at the counter to make deposits

• No need to rush to the bank in order to do your banking during our business hours - you can make deposits safely and quickly 24 hours, 7 days of the week

• All machines in the 24/7 Zone are user-friendly