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What type of loan best matches your needs?




The agricultural sector and agricultural businesses face some specific challenges and risks, which should be considered when considering taking a loan. Because of their seasonality, agricultural businesses need funds at a certain period of the year in order to make the proper investments when needed.

Agribusinesses, especially those focused in production, need a tailored and designed loan, which allows them to invest quickly and meet loan repayment obligations after the harvest period. In this context, the “bullet-loan” is the most appropriate financial service for agribusinesses and enables agricultural businesses focused in processing and trade (import-export companies) to access funds on a continual basis.

Agricultural businesses in Albania still face problems associated with property ownership. ProCredit Bank therefore allows for the possibility of flexible collateral requirements for stable businesses that have a good banking history, but that are unable to meet collateral conditions for loans.

Last but not least, at ProCredit Bank we advise our clients in the agricultural sector to make energy efficiency investments. Farmers and agricultural producers can increase profits and cut costs by switching to more energy-efficient equipment, such as refrigerator rooms for storing goods and keeping produce fresh. Energy efficiency applies to all stages of agricultural production that consume energy, including tractors, ploughs, disc ploughs, combine harvesters, reapers, etc. Investments in energy efficiency can quickly result in savings and can be completely paid off in a few years.