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Business loans




A business loan, when offered responsibly, is a means of making long-term investments, which form the basis of sustainable economic development and growth.

In general, the criteria for taking a loan are:

  • A well-defined business investment plan
  • A satisfactory level of income and solvent business
  • A clear projection over time of the business’ income from the investment

Even though businesses may have a well-defined investment plan, they often lack sufficient funds to achieve their objectives. In such cases, a business loan is the proper investment tool.

By following the investment plan, businesses not only increase the chance of meeting their monthly instalment obligations, but can also generate additional profit. In other words: your income should be sufficient to cover costs and generate profit.

Through a sound and thorough financial analysis, ProCredit Bank’s financial advisers are able to evaluate the potential profits and future development of your business based on your planned investments. As a reliable business partner, we base collateral requirements on the purpose of the loan and its maturity. For specific amounts and relatively long-term investment periods, collateral should partially or fully cover the loan amount, in order to reduce the risk carried by the bank.