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What is the AZHBR programme?
In order to support agricultural businesses (in the areas of manufacturing and agriprocessing), ProCredit Bank, in collaboration with the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development (AZHBR), provides funding schemes in which the loan interest rate is subsidised by this agency.
Customers who can take advantage of the financing plan (AZHBR) are agribusiness clients operating in the following areas:
Fruit, nuts, pomegranate, olive and grape production
Vegetable production (in greenhouses)
Milk, olive oil and honey production
Livestock breed improvement
Production of organic products
Snail breeding
Production and collection of medicinal herbs

Filling an application
Applications for funding are submitted to AZHBR.
Application deadline
Application for funding can be submitted accoring to the notification from AZHBR which correspond mainly to the second quarter of the year.
Loan amount
For loans of up to ALL 25,000,000, a subsidised interest rate (the funding scheme covers up to 70% of the usual rate) for 5 consecutive years is offered for the following activities:
Storage and processing of agricultural products, livestock, mushrooms and medicinal plants
Agricultural equipment, aggregates and milk cooling tanks
Fishing and processing of aquatic products
Agricultural and eco-tourism activities

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You can also visit AZHBR-s webpage: Development Agency for Agriculture and Rural