Money transfers

ProCredit Bank offers a variety of payment and money transfer services through its wide network of branches in Albania and correspondent banks all over the world.

Payments are available in these currencies: LEK, EURO, USD, GBP and CHF.

Money Transfers within ProCredit Bank

Transfers at the same branch:

  • Within a customer’s different accounts;
  • Within different accounts of different customers;
  • Payment of monthly bills: electricity, energy, water, mobile phone etc;
  • Payment of taxes, insurances, customs, treasury etc

Transfers within different branches of ProCredit Bank:
You may order money transfers from / for every branch of ProCredit Bank.

Interbanking money transfers:

  • Transfers within domestic banks (national)
  • Transfers for / by foreign banks (international)
  • ProPay Transfers

ProPay Transfers are international money transfers within the ProCredit Bank network in Eastern Europe.

Outgoing money transfers ordered before 15:00 o’clock are paid into the customer’s account the same day at the same value date. Incoming transfers ordered before 14.00 are paid the same day into the customer’s account at the same value date.  

ProPay payment system includes the following countries:
Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Bosnie, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia.

For national and international money transfers in foreign currency ordered before 12:30pm payment is made into the beneficiary account within the day +1 value date. For national and international money transfers in a foreign currency ordered after 12: 30pm, payment is made into the beneficiary’s account within the same day but calculated at +2 value date.

Consult our staff at our nearest branch for details on urgent money transfers (special rates).

ProCredit Bank offers automatic Swift service for outgoing money transfers.

Our competitive advantages:

  • A wide net of branches all over Albania.
  • Transfer payments via AECH, AIPS, IBAN and SWIFT.
  • Payment services via Internet. (Pro E-banking offers internal and national money transfers.)

Automatic Swift service for outgoing money transfers.